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Gina & Alan Adams took over “Just Supplements” in 2008. The stud had been using “Just Supplements” (which at that time numbered just 3 products - Dehydrated Carrot - Seaweed & Thrive n Gloss ) with excellent results.

When they got the opportunity to take over, they jumped at the chance.

Since then they have not only continued with the 3 excellent products above but have continued to add further supplements, all of which you will find on this site.

All their products are made from the best quality ingredients available, all the dehydrated Fruit & Vegetables used are produced for Human Consumption.

They now have customers and agents in many different Cage & Aviary Bird fancies .. from British, Canary, Parrot and Pigeon breeders and not just this country but also around the world.

All products have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of purchase.

They aim to attend as many events as possible each year including the National Bird Show, Stafford Parrot Show & The Budgerigar Society Club Show.

If you would like to become an Agent for “Just Supplements” please contact Alan